The Jewish Camps USA Ambassadors are the face of our organisation, they have a key responsibility for the future of camp and are an integral part of our camp family. As a JCUSA ambassador you will be in charge of interviewing staff, holding orientation events and talks on campus along with arranging social events and keeping people connected to camp all year round, along with working with other Jewish organisations.

Being an ambassador is a true privilege and we work hard to keep the teachings of camp alive. With opportunities to doing fundraising and charity work for camp, being a JCUSA ambassador can really have such a strong impact and help change so many lives.

Coming back from camp and having a camp family here is a home away from home, we understand and can share memories and fun times with each other for years to come. If you want to be an ambassador the only requirement is that you have been to camp, you don’t need to be a student or even be going back to camp, you just need a passion for what we all love so much.

JCUSA on Campus
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Birmingham Unit
Unit Head - Gabby Kingsley

Birmingham ambassadors

Abi Compton
Aimee Epstein
Alex Lanau
Alex Parker
Benji Fisher
Charlotte Smith
Dan Jacobs
Daniel Reece
Daniella Allen
Danielle Katz
Ellie Taylor
Emma Salkin
Francesca Smith
Jake Rinsler
Jake Warwick
Emily Lewis
Josh Dover
Katie Ottman
Libby Viner
Leanne Barazani
Lewis Feingold
Lucy Jawett
Louis Finn
Nat Jacobs
Nat Yager
Nicole Segal
Sharon Bramberg
Sam Lipton

Leeds Unit
Unit Head - Sadie Hollis

Leeds ambassadors

Aaron Pelled
Abby Posner
Adam Newman
Alex Alter
Alex Gilmore
Amy Hart
Ben Chilton
Benjamin Gee
Chloe Factor
Dan Cohen
Daniel Delew
Daniella Simmons
Josh Brickman
Katie Moulder
Marc Crown
Mika Rafael
Morgan Sears
Rebecca Lewis
Rhiannon Sassoon
Tash Leslie
Toby Nathan

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Durham and North East Ambassadors


Freya Lipkin-Connor
Henry Levy

Bristol Unit
Unit Head - Jess Monty


Sunny Rafaeli
Jodi Sampson
Ollie Reback
Sammy Corper
Emily Rister

JCUSA is also on campus in: London Manchester and Nottingham