This is the Jewish Camps USA packing list. As well as using this as a guide we recommend looking at your camps website as they will often have a packing list that you can use to help you too.

  • Toiletries enough for 1-2 weeks (can go to Target/Walmart on first day off to stock up on this)
  • 2 towels (one for shower and one for pool/sea)
  • Take one sunblock and then buy more out there – it’s cheaper and better out there
  • Jewish Camps USA t-shirt
  • A week and a half’s worth of tshirts and shorts (you may change once a day so bear that in mind) make sure you do not mind them getting dirty or ruined (Nothing that is too short
  • Tops of the following colours for Maccabia (colour war): red, blue, green, yellow, black and white
  • Blue and white Israeli Tshirt if you have
  • Something nice for days off and travelling
  • Swimming costumes; you will be in the pool pretty much every day so bring a few (bikinis – check with camp as they may require girls to wear all in one suits)
  • Shoes you do not mind getting ruined – rules vary with camp regarding flip flops and open heel shoes – please check.
  • Good trainers for possible hikes
  • Shower flip flops
  • Long shorts/leggings for ropes course and horses
  • Underwear 
  • Sun hat/something to cover your head with
  • Sun glasses
  • A couple of thick jumpers for when it gets cold at night (this does happen!!!) and some camps will do overnights
  • Tracksuit bottoms/jeans (maybe 2)
  • A watch to get your campers to the right place on time where you wont have your phone – Walmart and Target both sell great waterproof watches for under $10
  • Check out your camp website or handbook to find out about any special theme days your camp may have so you can make sure you have all the right outfits 


For Shabbat –  this will vary with each camp:

  • Check with camp but some camps will have an ‘all white’ dress code on Friday nights – could be whole outfit or just top half.
  • Boys – white polos, white shirts and a kippa if you have (any colour) and formal shorts or jeans.
  • Girls – white dresses, white blouses/tops.

Additional things to take:

  • England flags/UK flags/Israel flags/any flags for cabin decorations and themed days
  • English decor from poundland/primark
  • Fancy dress
  • American to UK plug adapters
  • Medications and prescriptions
  • Ipods with camp music
  • You don’t need to take your laptop as camp will provide you with access to computers
  • Books if you want
  • Check with camp director if they will provide you with a sleeping bag and/or pillow (most will)
  • Bed cover and pillow case (optional)
  • Money – you will most likely not get paid until your last day off (varies with each camp). We advise to take $300 cash, you can also use UK cards in shops, restaurants and ATMs.
  • Rucksack
  • Water bottle


Below our some top tips for packing and what to take to camp, straight from our returners!

Top Tips For Packing

  • Do not take anything to camp that you will be upset if it got lost/stolen/damaged
  • You can buy everything out there if you forget anything e.g. torch
  • Label everything!
  • You can go to laundrettes on your days off, some camps will have in house laundries and some will provide you with the option of sending your clothes off to be cleaned.
  • Check out your staff handbook for a more specific packing list and to find out about the laundry situation at your camp 
  • If you like spray deodorant – take enough with for the whole time, they do not seem to sell this in the USA, only roll on
  • Bug spray is a must, ticks are real
  • Amazon Prime Student US has a free 6 month trial, which can be really useful if you need to order extra toiletries or clothes
  • Most of your campers and American co counsellors will bring plastic drawers to camp to store their non-clothes items, these are really cheap and available in most stores if you like to keep all your items organised
  • Most camps are nut free, so please make sure and food, snacks, drinks and toiletries are all nut free

East Coast Top Tips

  • If you are heading to the east coast, it can rain A LOT, so make sure you are taking weather appropriate clothes 
  • Waterproof jackets and rain boots.
  • If you don’t have space in your cases for these, they are very cheap and easy to buy in any Walmart or Target

West Coast Top Tips

  • Up north, such as in Portland and San Francisco, you can get lots and lots of rain throughout the summer, so make sure you plan to bring (or buy there) wellies and rain jackets
  • Even near Los Angeles, it can get cold at night, so make sure you have jumpers and trackies