What’s included on the JCUSA program?

  • You are guaranteed a job at a Jewish camp in America once you are on the JCUSA program
  • 100% success rate over the past 5 years – everyone goes to camp once passed the JCUSA interview
  • You will work on average for 9 weeks
  • All of the camps are Jewish and Kosher
  • Have the opportunity to travel for up to 30 days after camp
  • Learn new skills, gain valuable work experience and enhance your CV/resume
  • Opportunities to be a counselor and/or specialist
  • You will be paid a minimum of $1650, up to $2400
  • You will work at the best camp in the right position suited to you
  • We have 24 hour support throughout the year
  • Meet friends for life and gain a second home
  • Over 50% of our staff return back to camp year after year

“From the outside looking in you can’t understand it, from the inside looking out you can’t explain it.”

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We want you to work at the best Jewish summer camp in America. This will allow you to learn, grow and understand about Jewish cultures and values from around the world as this will provide you with the opportunity to be the best person you can be. Camp teaches us valuable lessons where we can aspire to be the best version of ourselves, and then bring those lessons back home with us.