Jewish Camps USA

Your J1 Visa Appointment At The US Embassy

1. What do I need to take with me to the embassy?

  1. DS2019 (You will get this from JCUSA before your appointment, either from a JCUSA representative or via mail)
  2. SEVIS fee receipt (I-901) (You will get instructions from JCUSA via email on how to get this to then print it)
  3. Passport
  4. Printed DS160 confirmation page
  5. Printed appointment confirmation page and confirmation that you have paid for your appointment.
  6. Visa sized photo – square (Please note this is different to a passport photo – and should have the dimensions of 2” by 2” / 5cm x 5cm)
  7. Printed Camp Contract (if you don’t have a contract but do have an email from camp confirming your dates and role that will be fine as well)
  8. Proof of ties to your home country – confirmation of study/work for September, bank statement.
  9. Evidence of sufficient funds to cover expenses.
  10. Nonimmigrant Visa Instructions: Go to the ‘Print instructions’ section of your Visa Appointment Service account to print the entire instructions page, including the bar codes.

If you do not provide one of the pieces of paper work asked for, the embassy can send you home to rebook and repay for your appointment once you are ready with all of your documents.

2. Getting to the embassy

Make sure you know the address of where you are going and read the instructions of how to get there which you will have received from the embassy when you booked your appointment. If you aren’t sure, please let me know.

3. Other items which you can take into the embassy

You can bring your mobile phone, e-reader, or tablet device. Key fobs and cycle/motorcycle helmets are also permitted.


Large bags/suitcases (above cabin baggage size) and laptops cannot be admitted to the Embassy.


Other items that cannot be brought into the building include perfume and cologne (above 30ml), weapons and glass bottles. Prohibited items cannot be stored at the Embassy so leave them at home or store them securely before you arrive.

4. What to do when I arrive at the embassy?

Please arrive 15-30 minutes in advance of your appointment to go through airport-style security.

5. What happens at the visa interview?

When you enter the building you will obtain a ticket number and then you will be directed to the Visa Services waiting room. When your ticket number appears on the screens in the waiting room, you will be asked to go to a window to submit documents.


The same ticket number will later appear on the waiting room screens to direct you to the window where your visa interview will take place.

During this interview they will just ask you simple questions such as; where you are going to camp, why you want to go, how long you are going for.

Please do not attempt to submit any documents that are not requested from you. JCUSA tell you to take extra documents just in case they are needed but in most cases they may not be asked for.

A set of your fingerprints will be electronically scanned. If you have a cut or blister on any of your fingers or thumbs, your application will not be processed. You will be required to reschedule an appointment for a later date.

6. How long will it be until I receive my passport and visa?

At the end of your appointment as long as you have been successful they will take your passport and documents away from you. If you are getting it delivered to an address of your choice, you need to make sure that the person at the address has some form of ID of yours; it can be a photocopy of your driving license.


If your application is approved at the interview, routine visa processing takes approximately 5 working days, plus a further 1 – 2 days for delivery, however this may take longer in busy periods. Consular staff cannot answer questions about delivery.


You can check the delivery arrangements you made at. The courier will contact you with delivery tracking information when visa processing is complete for the delivery of your visa documents to your address / the embassy hub that you chose. Be sure to check your emails often as this comes from an email address that looks like junk, but it isn’t, be sure to collect your visa as soon as you can (if you opted for the hub collection).

7. Can my visa get declined?

As long as you take all of the documents stated above with you, there should be no reason that your visa gets declined. In some cases they may provide you with a letter stating that they need more documents from you before they can approve your visa, if this is the case then you will be given full instructions on the day.


One of the main reasons that we see people get declined a visa is that the embassy staff do not believe you are going to return to your home country, this is why it is so important to have as many ties to your home country as possible and take all the required documents with you.

8. Receiving my J1 visa

The courier company should keep you updated via email with a tracking number so that you can know when to expect your passport and documents back. Once you receive your documents back, there will be a visa inside your passport, please make sure that everything is spelt correctly and that there are no errors. Do not lose any of the documents as your visa is made up of three parts: the visa in your passport, the DS2019 and the SEVIS.

9. Success!

Once you receive your passport and documents back, keep them in a safe place. If you have any queries throughout the process at all, do not hesitate to contact us. Do not loose any of your visa documents!