After you have the most amazing three months of your life, working at the best Jewish summer camp on the planet, you will then realise why people keep going back. You just have to go back. To make it even better, it doesn’t stop when you return home. We have a growing camp family here, from Manchester to London, and even Scotland and Ireland.  After you get back from camp, we have our closing camp circle to allow everyone to come together again and reflect on their summer. 

You will become camp alumni and with that comes amazing responsibilities. Giving back to camp is something we strongly believe in and together as a camp family we have many fundraising events and parties through the year. We are dedicated to raising as much money as possible to give to camper scholarship funds.

We want to give you more opportunities when you come back from camp. You will be able to contribute to the new staff coming through our programme. You can share your experiences by giving talks and training those going to camp for the first time. As a Jewish Camps USA ambassador you will get the chance to interview people face-to-face, work on the marketing team, plan events, write blogs and much more. There are many ways to be part of Jewish Camps USA which can help boost your CV and build you to become an even better counsellor when you return back to camp. 

If you are interested in going back to camp, click here to find out more.

Being involved in JCUSA allows me to be impacted in the same way I am at camp, all year round. There is nothing more difficult than coming away from the happiest place in the world (camp) and having to spend 9 months away from it, but being a part of JCUSA has let me live camp all year round.

Abi Rodin

Ever since I went to camp in the summer of 2014, I knew I had a special relationship with JCUSA. After playing a big part as an ambassador the year after that, my passion and love for the organisation was clear to see (by everyone who has ever come into contact with me) and Jason asked me to be the unit head for Nottingham.  After spending several hours planning prior to going back to university, I felt comfortable to lead the way for prospective Nottingham students that wanted to work at a Jewish Summer Camp.

Adam Morrow

Yet another year has passed at JCUSA Birmingham and what a year it has been. When I joined the community that is Jewish Camps USA, I never imagined I would experience what I have in the last two years on campus.

Zac Skry

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