Jewish Camps USA

Fall 2016 Newsletter

Rebecca's poem about Tamarack Camps

Leaving London and coming here, My mind was filled with lots of fear.

Camp songs I did not know, A staff performance for the second night show.

Two weeks later and here I stand, In America, “the free land”

JCUSA this experience beats it all, 14 year old kids think I am cool!?

They chant my name to everyone around, It warms my heart, it’s a great sound.

Singing, dancing, activities galore,  I really could not want any much more

Halfway through session one, My JCUSA experience has just begun.

I can’t believe I am a part of this family, so strong I know that no matter what, nothing will go wrong

Emotions are strong, the bonds even tighter Tamarack Camps has made me brighter

Shabbat is a beautiful sight to see The tamarack team is a family

A home from home this is for me It’s the place I really want to be.

Jewish Camps USA Chanukah Party


Mazal Tov to all our alumni who graduated from university this year. If you missed graduation, don’t worry you can always have a camp graduation, below are some pictures of this: Adam Nickels at Camp Interlaken and Abi Rodin, Jordan Newfield and Adam Morrow at Camp JCA Shalom.

Apply for Summer 2017

JCUSA and my 8 weeks at camp this summer have changed my life in ways I never could have imagined. I knew I would love it, I knew I would make great friends and try new activities, but I had no idea that I would leave camp with a life long family and memories that would last forever.

Jewish Camps USA supported me throughout my application, putting me forward to be an inclusion specialist; a role at camp I didn’t even know existed, but a role which has now helped me to decide on my future career.

Yes, camp is not always easy. No one said getting up at 8am would be the highlight of your day. But actually, with every day bringing new challenges and memories, waking up will be the highlight of your day. I am already counting down the days till I can go back to Camp, and that is all thanks to the work of JCUSA.

For a life changing experience, similar to the above, apply now for Summer 2017.

Happy Camper

This year we were able to send our first ever camper to camp. Libby went to Camp JCA Shalom for Session 2 and was in a unit called Tasc. This is what Libby had to say about her first camp experience upon returning back to the UK:

I cant thank you enough for what you and camp have done for me, I grew up so much and have been talking to my new camp friends every day since I got back. I have tried to tell my friends and family what camp is like and they don’t understand, no one believes that I went without my phone for 3 weeks. JCA gave me so much that I will always be grateful for, my highlight from the summer was the trips that we went on as a unit and the project that we made for camp. I don’t think I will pick up a hammer again.