Jewish Camps USA

JCC Ranch Camp – Lana Pannick

I am so excited to share with you my stories so far from JCC Ranch Camp.

Naomi and I both got here 10 days ago and we agree that we have never felt so at home.

Within the first few days of being at camp it already felt like home and everyone was so welcoming right away. Staff week was so much fun, we did loads of fun programs and activities, learning new skills which will definitely gear us up for the next few months at camp, as well as bonding with the other staff and getting to know everyone. We met our campers just yesterday and have already formed great relationships with them, we can’t wait to see what the summer brings!

My favourite thing so far was a trail ride that we did during staff. I’m a camp counsellor so my day to day will be with my cabin – 6th grade (age 11-12) doing all of the activities with them from Horse riding to Swimming, to Arts and Crafts and Ropes which I’m really excited about.

We have had a few great days off to and I never knew how stunning and beautiful Denver is, if it wasn’t for camp I probably would have never known. This whole experience so far is incredible, thank you so much Jewish Camps USA for everything.