Leaving London and coming here,
My mind was filled with lots of fear.

Camp songs I did not know,
A staff performance for the second night show.

Two weeks later and here I stand,
In America, “the free land”

JCUSA this experience beats it all,
14 year old kids think I am cool!?

They chant my name to everyone around,
It warms my heart, it’s a great sound.

Singing, dancing, activities galore
I really could not want any much more


Half way through session one,
My JCUSA experience has just begun.

I can’t believe I am a part of this family, so strong
I know that no matter what, nothing will go wrong

Emotions are strong, the bonds even tighter
Tamarack Camps has made me brighter

Shabbat is a beautiful sight to see
The tamarack team is a family

A home from home this is for me
It’s the place I really want to be.