Jewish Camps USA

From Kenya, to Surprise Lake Camp

I am Brigit from Kenya and this is my first experience at being at camp. At first it was not so easy considering the fact that I knew no one apart from communicating with some few key staff prior to camp. When everyone arrived all the fellow counsellors seemed to know each other and the environment we are in well. But as time is going by I am finding myself fitting in the environment well.

Before I got to camp I had worries that I would not fit in and enjoy every moment however I am enjoying it a lot as I get to spend time with kids in the fields, and being in a total different culture from mine. Back at home kids don’t get to experience camping life and I am getting to see and hear some interesting and some life changing stories from all these kids. It has taught me a lesson in life that I will never forget even in ages to come. This experience has helped me to understand the value of life in all aspects and I will be forever appreciative of this life-changing experience.

Brigit Muthoni
Surprise Lake Camp